Feiszt Winery

Wine label family and website designed for Feiszt Pince, a small family winary located in Szekszárd, Hungary. www.feiszt.hu

Feiszt Pince is a small family winary located in Szekszárd, one of the most interesting wine regions of Hungary with very special soil and climate conditions and old winemaking traditions since the roman times.
The challenge was to create an identity for the winery and the wines, that reflects tradition and modernity at the same time. A modern classic. While typography and layout gives a common frame to these labels, each variant has its own identity and message trough its unique symbol and name.
Erato − muse of lyric poetry
Nana − the seductrice
L'Incognito − the unknown wine
Cabernet Sauvignon − bird of fire
Sub Rosa − dedicated to Hafiz, the great persian poet from Shiraz
Quartet − Del Segno al Fine
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